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Sunflowers Of Todayのパーティには欠かさず出演のGOA TRANCE DJ YUTAによるアンオフィシャルMix Album!
渋めな選曲のGoa Tranceで古さを感じさせないMixに仕上がっています。


現在はDazeMaze、Sunflowers Of Today Rec、MATSURI DIGITAL、ZENON Rec、舞音旅賊を主な活動拠点とし、自身が主宰するREZONANCIAでは共鳴をキーワードにTRANCEの本質による覚醒を企む。
またプロモーターとしてSENSIENT Japan Tour、Shiva Chandra Japan Tourを企画等、様々なパーティを手掛ける。
プレイスタイルのEBM & GOA TRANCEでは、渋く徐々に迫りくるディープでシャーマニックな世界観、まるで宇宙にいるかのような錯覚を日々追求。
GOA TRANCEのパイオニアと共演を重ね続ける中、過去にReturn to the GoaやX-ZONE等でハメのプレイを展開、ageHaやキネマ倶楽部を筆頭に東京の主要クラブや全国各地にてアンダー・オーバーグラウンドを問わず出 演を果たしており、2011年にはメキシコでのプレイ、ゴアは9 BARでオーガナイズとフィールドを世界へと広げている。
2011年、Sunflowers Of Today Recより自身初となるDJ Mix「Tribe on Goa」のリリースを皮切りに中国、アメリカ、イスラエルでのGIGや、magneticfields.jpにDJ Mixの掲載が予定されている。

Yuta's involvement in the music industry began at age 14 when he began to play bass guitar.The catalyst for this was his interest in Rock/Punk/Hardcore music, and he then found "Trance" music in 2001.He became a professional DJ in 2004, and has been organizing shows since 2009.In 2010, Yuta begin Goa music production with JIKOOHA.At this moment, basing in DazeMaze, Sunflowers Of Today Rec, MATSURI DIGITAL, ZENON Rec, Buonryozoku, and REZONANCIA's (under his management) aim is waking up the core of "Trance".Also, he plans Shiva Chandra Japan Tour, SENSIENT Japan Tour and produces various parties as a promoter.His DJ style is EBM & GOA TRANCE.Yuta creates the world of original that who is deep and is shamanism.You will cause an illusion as if you are totally in the space.In the past, Yuta has much experience of playing together with many big names such as pioneer of Goa Trance and presenting shows at in all kinds of underground and overground scenes.And playing as DJ at some of major night clubs in many places in Japan, also playing in Mexico, organizing in 9 BAR of Goa and enlarges the field to the world.Yuta believes the sense that felt by traveling alone in Asia.And he realizes that the "life is psychedelic" and he is active in a concept in "Traveler DJ"In 2011, Yuta releases 1st DJ MixCd 「Tribe on Goa」from Sunflowers Of Today Rec.He is currently preparing for upcoming performance in China, USA, Israel in 2011 and a publication of DJ Mix is planned in of DJ's download site.